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A couple of days ago, the website "AV Tracker" went online, which publishes information about various automated analysis systems. The idea is that the attacker uploads a binary to an analysis system, waits for the sample to be executed, and then the binary phones home some information to a server under the control of the attacker. The collected information is then published at "AV Tracker", exposing information about the analysis systems. Besides some well-known AV companies, also CWSandbox and Anubis were affected.

We analyzed the binary and found that it sends a simply HTTP request, in which all extracted information is encoded. An example for an analysis report generated by one of the samples is http://anubis.iseclab.org/?action=result&task_id=361b5a8ee7235954252b02d33b3a7d24. This can be defeated by blocking access to the reporting server or by regularly changing the IP address of the analysis systems, but at the end this will be some kind of arms race again.

Some other interesting information is also embedded in the binary. When extracting the strings from the sample, the following text becomes visible (some information is hidden by dots):
This is Peter Kl....... fuck ...... fuck the world fuck you all!
I was once working with ...... and was a white hat, now I am the worst mean motherfucker black hat and I am selling the source code of ...... .. :D
I am with the SinowalWhistler developers, funny days, aren't ;) and fuck ..... they don't have no idea :D bitches

A related article was also published today at http://www.viruslist.com/en/weblog under the title "A black hat loses control".


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  1. SEO Chicago says:

    Is there an AV Tracker plug-in that I could possible install on my web browser? Due to the nature of my business I'm required to visit websites that have security issues and a plug-in that would give me a warning would really help out. I'm constantly getting attacked by computer viruses.

  2. survival seed bank says:

    How much is it to get an AV tracker? Is it something that seeds itself, or do you have to install it yourself?

  3. Kratom says:

    How can I get someone to analyze the security of my network to see if my security can be compromised? I have a kratom website and I want to know if I'm at risk.

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