GSoC'09: Glastopf

Here an announcement regarding the end of GSoC'09:

Web sites are hacked all the time. Web application, database, and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities expose a large attack surface that can be exploited to, among others, deface the web site, send spam, convert web site into bots, and serve drive-by-download attacks. Glastopf is a low-interaction honeypot that emulates a vulnerable web server hosting many web pages and web applications with thousands of vulnerabilities. Glastopf is easy to setup and once indexed by search engines, attacks will pour in by the thousands daily. Glastopf has been developed as part of the 2009 Google of Summer Code by student Lukas Rist (and mentored by me). It can be downloaded from the Glastopf trac site at More information on Glastopf can be found on the project site at


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  1. Thorsten Holz says:

    Of course, you can find the latest info at or

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