"Studying Aspects of the Underground Economy"

Today I gave a talk at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) that focussed on some of the research I did in the past year. The slides are now available.

With the growing digital economy, it comes as no surprise that criminal activities in digital business have lead to a digital underground economy. Because it is such a fast-moving field, tracking and understanding this underground economy is difficult and most information in this area is vague. In this talk, we discuss several approaches to study the structure of these underground markets. In particular, we present a method with which it is possible to directly analyze the amount of data harvested through keylogger-based attacks in a highly automated fashion. Based on real-world data, we can get a glimpse into the digital underground economy. However, many open questions remain that will be discussed in the last part of the talk.

You can get the slides at http:///honeyblog.org/junkyard/presentations/10_underground-economy_ICSI.pdf.


  1. Pirate Inlet

    Scanning pirated software before installation does not protect a computer from viruses.  In fact, using pirated software tremendously increases the risk of computer infection.  There are many reasons why this is the case; not the least of which is hack...


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