Waledac Takedown Successful

A few weeks ago, I blogged about our paper "Walowdac – Analysis of a Peer-to-Peer Botnet". The paper provides an overview of the Waledac botnet and its specific aspects compared to Storm Worm and similar peer-to-peer botnets. The paper also contains some measurement results for the botnet like the typical number of online bots and similar statistics.

In the last couple of days, the situation changed a bit: we worked on an active takedown of the botnet together with experts from Microsoft, Shadowserver, the University of Mannheim, University of Bonn, University of Washington, Symantec and others. The operation is know within Microsoft as "Operation b49" and involved domain takedowns and additional technical countermeasures. Microsoft also did some fantastic work on the legal side, the complaint filed by Microsoft ("Microsoft Corporation v. John Does 1-27, et. al.") is available online. As a result, the communication infrastructure of Waledac has been disrupted to a certain extent and the botmaster can effectively not send commands to the bots. The Waledac Tracker by sudosecure.net also shows a nice decline in the number of bots for the last few days. Note, however, that the infected machines are still up and running, thus some clean-up at that side is still necessary...

You can read more about the story in a blog post by Microsoft: "Cracking Down on Botnets". And I will update the blog with new information once we start to analyze the collected data...


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  3. James D says:

    I couldn't agree more Ann, but could you please tell us more? I'm very curious what you think.. and have e great day in the mean time. I will check for an answer during the week, hopefully you have answered by then.

  4. CAAS says:

    Thanks so much for this valuable info! I'm happy to hear that the Task Force is making headway in their attempts to stifle this growing problem. Kudos to all who all who have helped in this struggle! -Cassandra

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    Microsoft has a very powerful legal team that doesn't take these cases lightly. They really don't want anyone treading in their waters. I'm surprised that Waledac would behave in such a matter to take on Microsoft.

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    My pal Jeff from University of Washington was trying to explain this to me, but it was sort of confusing. he sent me to this article, and now I've got a better picture of the Waledac and botnet in general.

  17. George Terry says:

    Bonnets are seemingly designed to seek commands from a bot-herder from a shared communications resource which creates a single point (e.g. CIR channel), and if single point/ channel is shut down hence removing the server associated with it, it is possible to blow the whole enterprise out of the water; but as bonnets are extremely sophisticated (not to mention profitable) nowadays I dread the day when a monster is lauded ‘practically indestructible’ because I believe it can be.

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    The paper also contains some measurement results for the botnet like the typical number of online bots and similar statistics.

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